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Chicago's Most Wanted List Makes a Comeback

List has been out of service for 70 years



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    Chicago Crime Commission

    The Chicago Crime Commission has resurrected a list of bad guys that once included the likes of Al Capone in the hopes it will help track down fugitives.

    That new list includes reputed street gang members accused of murder and a former police officer accused of shaking down drug dealers. The nonprofit group's Most Wanted list has nine men and one woman.

    The commission's executive vice president, Arthur Bilek, says the group decided to post a Most Wanted list about 70 years after it discontinued its "Public Enemies" list out of concern for violence related to gangs and drugs.

    “Many of the criminals on our list are gang members and drug dealers and are part of the culture of violence responsible for the shootings and murders that plague many of Chicago’s neighborhoods and victimize our children,” Bilek continued. “These criminals hide behind a wall of silence, where good people are fearful or choose to do nothing rather than to expose and rid their communities of these criminals,” he added.

    The list of 10 fugitives differs from the original list that included Capone, who, Bilek says, wasn't a fugitive and wasn't even charged with a crime at the time.