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Chicago Drops $2.5M on Trash Compactors

New trash units will use solar power to compact garbage



    Chicago Drops $2.5M on Trash Compactors
    Sun-Times Media
    The city of Chicago buys new trash compactors to place in the loop.

    Garbage collection in the Loop will soon change thanks to a new purchase.

    The city bought about 400 solar-powered trash compactors for streets in downtown Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Each unit compacts the trash using solar power, and it holds about five times the garbage of a normal trash can.

    The compactor also contains a built-in sensor to alert when it's full.

    Federal money paid for the $2.5 million purchase from Massachusetts-based BigBelly Solar.

    Philadelphia has been using the trash compactors since 2009, according to the Sun-Times.

    A year after installing 500 of the solar-powered compactors, garbage collections dropped to five times a week, compared to 17 times a week with 700 regular trash bins.