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Obama's State Dinner: Who's There, Who's Not

What, no Oprah?



    Obama's State Dinner: Who's There, Who's Not
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    The hottest ticket in the free world is to the first White House State Dinner of the Obama presidency.

    The Obamas are honoring visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, but in their own way -- unlike prior state dinners in the high-ceilinged State Dining Room, the Obamas will gather a few hundred VIPs in a heated tent on the South Lawn.

    Below, the attendees from Chicago. But perhaps, more importantly, who's not on the list?

    Oprah Winfrey, for one, who broke precedent to support Obama during his campaign. Maybe she had a scheduling conflict? In LA? Oprah BFF and party alternate Gayle King's was on the list.

    Also not on the most exclusive guest list in the DC area: Dick Durbin, an early supporter.

    And of course, Mayor Daley, despite the inclusion of New York's Mayor Bloomberg. Curses.

    Here's the list:

    The President & First Lady Michelle Obama

    The Honorable (Mr.) David Axelrod, White House Communications

    Mrs. Susan Axelrod

    The Honorable (Ms.) Melody Barnes, Domestic Policy Council

    Mr. Marland E. Buckner

    Mr. Ari Emanuel 

    Mrs. Sarah Emanuel

    The Honorable (Mr.) Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff to the President

    Ms. Amy Rule

    The Honorable (Attorney General) Eric Holder, United States Attorney General, Department of Justice

    Dr. Sharon Malone, MD

    Ms. Gayle King

    Mr. Judd Miner

    Mrs. Linda Miner

    Mr. Newt Minow

    Mrs. Josephine Minow

    Mr. Martin Nesbitt

    Ms. Anita Blanchard

    The Honorable (Governor) Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts (D)

    Mrs. Diane Patrick, First Lady of Massachusetts

    Mrs. Penny Pritzker
    Dr. Brian Traubert

    Mrs. Marian Robinson

    Ms. Desiree Rogers, Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary

    Mr. John Rogers

    The Honorable (Rep.) Jan Schakowsky, United States Representative (D/Illinois)

    Mr. Robert Creamer

    Dr. Eric E. Whitaker

    Dr. Cheryl Whitaker

    For the full list of all expected attendees, see chicagtribune.com.