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Chicago Suburb Morphs into Smallville



    Chicago Suburb Morphs into Smallville

    You won't be able to get a Slurpee at what looks like a 7-Eleven in downtown Plano because it’s just an illusion. So is the barbershop and the Sears store.

    That’s because Plano will be Superman’s hometown for the new movie “Man of Steel” until further notice.

    Those aren't only tranformations in Plano.
    Cara Cooper’s family has been doing business on Main Street in Plano for 125, but what once was a furniture store is now something else for the movie.’’
    “We’re now a grain and feed store!” she said. “To have a Hollywood set downtown? When do you ever see that?” she said.
    Mayor Bob Hausler said Superman’s visit has been great for the community. He said the movie’s producers made good on promises to use local contractors wherever possible.
    “They looked at over a hundred communities in the Chicagoland area and they picked Plano,” he said. “It’s a perfect small town. It has a main street where people can cross the street any place they want to.”
    But the films are known for rather elaborate mayhem, which may befall downtown Smallville.
    Officially, the movie is known as “Autumn Frost.” No one is supposed to be talking about the film’s plot. But every now and then, someone will give you a “super” hint.
    “Well, I think that’s just Super….man!” Rep. Kay Hatcher, (R-Yorkville), said.