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Chicago's Winter Parking Ban Returns Tuesday

Ticket, towing cost more than $200



    Celebrate This Holiday Season in Lively St. Charles
    Chicago's got a present for you -- a big fat ticket.

    As a nice welcome home from your Thanksgiving travels, the city would like to remind you to get your friggin' car off the street.

    Starting Tuesday at 3 a.m., more than 100 miles of Chicago's busiest streets will be off limits to overnight parking, regardless of whether there's snow on the ground. And don't forget the 2-inch rule that adds even more streets when the white stuff does finally start falling.

    Letting the residuals of your turkey coma lull you into a false sense of vehicular security will cost you big time. If you leave your car in the no-zone, there's a $50 ticket, a minimum $150 towing fee, and a $10 daily storage fee.

    So the next time you go on a bender in Bucktown and leave your car on Milwaukee overnight, don't be shocked if it's missing when you come back. Or, you can get a full list of the streets included in the ban here.