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Chicago: Fewer Homicides in 2009

Just 453 people were killed this year. Um, yay?



    Chicago: Fewer Homicides in 2009

    Police officials in Chicago say the number of homicides in the city dropped 11 percent so far this year.

    Chicago reported a spike in killings last year with homicides surging to 511. As of Monday, there had been 453 homicides in the city. That compares to 509 on that date in 2008.

    Police say the number of shootings are also down 6 percent.

    Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis became Chicago's top cop in 2008 and says that was a year of transition. He says he expected 2009 to be "the year of results."

    Weis says he's made some changes to the department's leadership and has encouraged police commanders to find creative solutions to fight crime patterns in their areas.