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Chicago Terror Suspects Make News Around the World



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    An artists rendering of David Coleman Headley in court.

    David Coleman Headley’s not guilty plea isn’t just big news here in Chicago, where the alleged terrorist pleaded not guilty to charges related to a massacre in the Indian city of Mumbai.

    Top newspapers in three other countries ran front-page stories about the suspected terrorist's arraignment. Big ups to Google Translate for helping read some of these articles.

    Denmark’s Politiken paper notes that Headley is cooperating with federal investigators and they surmise that its an attempt to avoid the death penalty down the line.

    The Times of India has a story claiming that Headley’s cell phone and apartment were registered in the names of dead people, and that he was under orders from his Pakistani masters to lead a double-life.

    The Pakistani newspaper, Jang, ran a story on Headley’s possible link to a retired Pakistani army officer. Their English translation is amusing, but some of their facts seem sketchy.