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Chicago State University Could Lose Its Accreditation



    Chicago State University (Published Friday, Sept. 25, 2009)

    Chicago State University is dangerously close to being stripped of its accreditation because they can’t hang on to students and the ones they do hang on to aren’t graduating, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    The Tribune obtained a copy of a letter from the Higher Learning commission cited several “grave” concerns about the future of the college, which boasts an enrollment of just over 6,800 students.

    "There are serious questions about whether Chicago State University continues or will continue to meet the Commission's criteria for accreditation," said Karen Solomon, a vice president with the commission, in the July letter.

    If the college does lose its accreditation that means it could lose federal funding and student’s credits may not transfer to other schools.
    An official from the commission said, however, that stripping a college of its accreditation status is rare. Only one college in the region has lost its accreditation in the past three years.

    Normally the commission will work with the institution to instate improvements.

    "Withdrawal is the last resort," she said.

    Chicago State University was recently in the news recently because it was awarded a $40 million appropriation to expand its campus despite never having asked for the money.