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Chicago Sales Tax Highest Among Big Cities

Most states showing taxes on the rise



    Chicago Sales Tax Highest Among Big Cities
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    The sales tax holiday in Chicago began Friday, offering a chance for Chicago shoppers to save some cash on back-to-school items and more.

    When it comes to sales tax, Chicago is second to none.

    At 9.75 percent, the city of Chicago has the highest retail sales tax rates among the nation's largest cities, according to the Chicago Tribune. It's roughly equal to that of Los Angeles, which has a 9.5 percent sales tax rate, with an added quarter percentage point from the California State Board of Equalization bringing it to 9.75 percent.

    While Chicago may be the highest, it’s not the only place taxes have gone up.  In their annual survey, CCH Inc., found that consumer taxes for retail items, gas and cigarettes continued to climb in many states, reports the Tribune.

    The company also found that sales tax went up in Arizona, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Mexico and North Carolina and gasoline taxes went up in California, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska and North Dakota.

    The only state to report a tax reduction was Florida, and according to the Tribune, it was a small one.  The gas tax there went from 16.1 cents to 16 cents.