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Chicago Reacts to Obama's State of the Union

Reaction mirrors national conversation



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    President Obama delivered his first State of the Union address.

    Critics are lining up to weigh in on President Obama’s first State of the Union address.

    Instant reaction from the pundit class has run the gamut from a “Obama is a troubled leader groping for a new strategy” to a “Obama, beaten up by a year in Washington, has been forced to the center.”

    That’s all well and good, but what do folks from his hometown think?

    Reactions from Chicagoans were quite similar. Some thought the president took a step forward with his first address, others thought it was business as usual from the 44th president.

    “In short, he is a great speaker but a lousy politician and only sees from the far left perspective,” viewer Art Ketchum writes.

    “I thought he did a wonderful job of summarizing the challenges of the past year and explaining what his administration did about them and why,” writes viewer Sheila Nielsen.”He seemed to be taking charge more.  I liked that he listened and learned from the American people and that he is moving to answer their concerns.”

    "There's no real plan," said Tony Panozzo. “He said a lot, but I didn’t hear a specific plan to rescue the economy.”

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    “I was very happy to see the President finally come straight out and make the American public aware of all he has had to face this past year. …  For my money he is doing a great job of handling the immediate problem and still keeping true to his agenda,” writes viewer Barry Roth.

    He is an eloquent speaker; lacking a solid plan,” writes viewer Kelly A. Dennis.  “He talked about what we need but does not address the outline of how it will happen. A lot of words; not much action.”

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