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Chicago Not in Lead For Olympics: Top USOC Official



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    Chicago's likely not in the lead to win the Olympic 2016 bid, the USOC CEO, Stephanie Streeter, said Wednesday.

    But Streeter qualified her opinion by saying the lead only counts on the last day, not the weeks leading up to the IOC's final decision.

    "What you want to do is be in the lead on the last day, after the vote is taken, not necessarily going into the competition," she said in an interview with WBBM.

    Streeter also said Wednesday's unanimous City Council vote to make financial guarantees removed a huge impediment to winning the bid. She also discounted the Chicago Tribune poll, which said residents are split over hosting the Olympics.

    Streeter said she did regret the way the USOC announced the U.S. Olympic Television Network, saying that, if she could do it over again, she would probably have announced that decision at a different time.

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