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Chicago News Sixth Most Miserable



    Chicago News Sixth Most Miserable
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    Actor Will Ferrell aka Ron Burgundy of "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy"

    Not only is Chicago’s weather miserable, its local TV news is, too.

    Seriously, there’s data to back it up. Sort of.

    Social satire site had its army of readers pay attention to their local news broadcasts in 10 major cities for a week. They broke the coverage up into a number of categories like crime, weather and corruption, among others.

    Editors assigned a misery rating to each category and added up the misery score based on the frequency with which each category was mentioned.

    Chicago took 6th place, as in, not only is Chicago miserable, it’s downright average. Which is itself a form of misery.

    Asylum observes:

    Overview: A lot of crime and a bit of everything else in Chicago.

    Health Advisory:
    One reporter advises viewers: "Staying single means staying skinny." Now that is really bad news for every overweight single chick in Chicago.

    Check out their site for a nifty misery pie chart.