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Chicago Museum Acquires 'Meet The Press' Set

Meet The Press permanently placed in the Museum of Broadcast Communications



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    Moderator Tim Russert hosted some of the most influential guests of his time during an historic run as the 'Meet the Press' host.

    The Museum of Broadcast Communication in Chicago has acquired the Tim Russert-era Meet The Press set.

    Meet The Press is the longest running television show in American history,” Bruce Dumont, President and Founder of the Museum of Broadcast Communication, said. “It has made a valuable contribution to making this a better America – informing us – and we are so honored to have it as part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Broadcast Communications.”

    The set where Russert conducted many significant interviews, interviews that contributed to our news history, has been transported from NBC News in Washington to its new home in Chicago.

    DuMont told Time Out Chicago that the acquisition of the set is part of the NBC News alliance, and will be a permanent part of the exhibit on the third floor of the museum.

    Different notable clips from the television series will be screened as a part of the exhibit.

    Meet The Press, which has ran since 1947, is known as the first program to bring Washington politics to every living room in America. 

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