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Chicago Map Offers Neighborhood Stereotypes



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    The northern portion Urbane's Chicago map. Click here to view the full map.

    A California company has decided to take on the task of mapping Chicago from a whole new perspective.

    Urbane's newly-released map of Chicago is less about identifying wards and neighborhoods, as it is about posting quirky stereotypical messages about different areas and landmarks. (View full map)

    For instance, Soldier Field is referred to as "The George Halas Spaceship" and Pilsen is labeled a "Neighborhood on Rahm's Gentrification Waitlist."

    It should also be noted that Urbane's version of Chicago doesn't extend further south than the near South Side or north of Andersonville, and most of the West Side is conspicuously missing as well.

    Not surprisingly, the commenters on Urbane's web site -- Chicagoans we'd guess -- are not impressed, using words such as "embarrassing" and "offensive" to describe it.

    "You just showed that whoever showed you around has racist blinders on," another commenter noted.

    You'd think the mappers said something negative about Chicago pizza.

    Like it or love it, the company is selling copies of the map for $20 a pop.