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Chicago Insatiable But Not Satisfied in Bed: Report

When it comes to sex, Chicago wins in quantity but not quality, according to Trojan's U.S. Sex Census



    Chicago Insatiable But Not Satisfied in Bed: Report
    Trojan Condom Company

    Chicagoans might blame it on the weather, but a new study released Tuesday from Trojan Brand Condoms finds the Second City not as satisfied between the sheets as other cities.

    Trojan's survey compared 200 respondents from 10 major U.S. cities including Chicago about everything sex, from frequency to most exciting location.

    Although Chicago ranked third for the number of times residents have sex (an average of 114 times per year, or around twice a week), the city sits near the bottom when it comes to satisfaction.

    About 75 percent say they're satisfied with their sex life and only 38 percent say they're very satisfied. This is compared to Philadelphians, who have the least sex at an average of 99 times a year but finish first when it comes to satisfaction, with 82 percent satisfied and 45 percent very satisfied.

    Chicagoans may have the third most sex, but they want more. According to the survey, 71 percent of respondents wish for more nookie in their lives. And city goers are among the least monogamous with 66 percent having one partner, compared to Philadelphia at the top with 74 percent.    

    The report also shows 15 percent of Chicagoans have not had the big-O. That's the second-highest behind New York City. However, 88 percent of Chicagoans keep their egos and believe they know how to satisfy their partner sexually. 

    The biggest overall surprise might be married couples in America reporting higher satisfaction with their partners than singles, at 82 percent versus 71 percent. Singles have more sex per year, though: 130 times compared to 109 for married couples.

    Chicagoans also appear to like their sexual encounters in places other than the boudoir.

    Almost half reported the most exciting place to have sex is in a car, and 39 percent have exciting times in someone else's bed. About 13 percent like to have trysts at work (4 percent on the boss' desk), while 8 percent like to get naughty in their parent's cars.