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Chicago Has Highest Cell Phone Taxes

U.S. Reps working to combat new wireless taxes



    Chicago Has Highest Cell Phone Taxes
    Chicago's got plenty of high taxes. Now we can add one more to the list.

    To avoid Chicago's high sales taxes, you might do your shopping in another county. But avoiding the city's high cell phone taxes might prove more difficult: according to a study by The Wireless Association, Chicago cell phone taxes are the highest in the entire country.

    Yup. 19.02 percent.

    That's higher than even New York, where residents pay 16.02 percent.

    Based on an average cell phone bill of $50 per month, the Wireless Association study took into account major cities' combined state and city taxes. The top 10 cities—as reported by Chicagoist—are as follows:

    1. Chicago: 19.02 percent
    2. New York City: 16.20 percent
    3. Jacksonville (Florida): 15.99
    4. Miami (Florida): 15.89
    5. Seattle (Washington): 14.79
    6. Baltimore (Maryland): 14.54
    7. Philadelphia (Pennsylvania): 14.01
    8. Houston (Texas): 12.39
    9. Los Angeles (California): 11.72
    10. Washington, DC: 11.53

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.