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"Flower Shop" Crooks Caught

Two suspects caught after robbing flower shops in Chicago.



    "Flower Shop" Crooks Caught
    After more than two dozen armed robberies, the "Flower Shop" thieves get caught.

    They say every rose has its thorn, and these guys just got pricked.

    Two South Side men suspected in nearly two dozen armed robberies at various flower shops, bakeries and hair salons in Chicago have been arrested, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    Jesus Velazques, 36, and Rafael Velazquez, 37, allegedly committed 21 armed robberies between May 22 and last Thursday, Assistant Cook County State’s AttorneySara Grgurovic told the Tribune.

    The two men’s favorite targets were small businesses like Jazmin Flower Shop in the 3800 block of West 31st St. The small shop was robbed twice and owners Maria and Yaneth Zavala were forced to give up cash, iPods, cell phones and jewelry.

    Police was able to identify the two suspects after a witness at a recent beauty shop robbery caught a glimpse of the robbers' license plates.

    Officers are currently looking into whether the two suspects, who are believed to be relatives, were also involved in other robberies. More than 20 people have already identified the suspects, according to police officers interviewed by the Tribune.

    No flowers are expected in court on Thursday, when the two suspects will undergo preliminary hearings.