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Chicago Duo Takes Skateboarding to Lake Michigan

Skate was interrupted by officials from the Chicago Park District



    Chicago Duo Takes Skateboarding to Lake Michigan
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    Two Chicago skateboarders took their moves all the way out to the breakers on Lake Michigan.

    The video called "Skate Island" was posted by user Dalba to Vimeo and shared by the Huffington Post Chicago website. It shows the duo's brief adventures with a raft, a couple paddles, and of course a few skateboards.

    The two purchased a small raft and filled it with air from a gas station air compressor before loading the not-exactly-seafaring vessel to the back of a minivan.

    The duo then took to the water at the Oak Street Beach as a handful of onlookers waved.

    After ignoring the sign on the breaker reading, "Danger: Restricted Area, Keep Out," they had a brief chance to try out some of their best moves, taking time even to put a sticker on a light pole.

    The skateboarders did not return to shore on the same boat that took them to the breaker, however. Chicago Park District officials came by with a boat to bring them back to shore after their skating excursion on the breaker, the Post reported.

    The end of the video shows a satellite image of the area with the text "Take the Lake."