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Chicago Court Rules on Blogger Case

TechoBuffalo not under the reporter's privilege statute



    Chicago Court Rules on Blogger Case
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    The Circuit Court of Cook County, Friday, ruled against offering the journalistic protections to bloggers.

    Local printer Johns-Byrne Company sued the technology news website TechnoBuffalo in an effort to force the tech blog to reveal a confidential source.

    The unidentified source leaked photos of what was then a confidential Droid Bionic smartphone while the printer was designing a marketing brochure.

    The court ruled against TechnoBuffalo's claim that it is a legitimate media organization deserving protection under the reporter's privilege statute.

    Disappointed with the court's decision, TechnoBuffalo plans to appeal, according to an official statement from company president Jonathan Rettinger.

    "TechnoBuffalo disagrees with the court's decision and believes that it denies the legitimate rights of new media organizations," Rettinger said.