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Chicago Cops Using Tasers More Often

The Independent Police Review Authority releases report with data on Taser use by Chicago officers



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    A Taser X26 stun gun is displayed at the Oakland Country Sheriff's office in Pontiac, Mich., Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2006. A little-noticed bill that would let more people use Tasers and stun guns in Michigan is awaiting Gov. Jennifer Granholm's signature, though critics hope she wields her veto pen. The legislation approved by the state Senate 30-7 last week would exempt detention facilities and private security officers at some hospitals and malls from a ban against Tasers, which have been criticized for causing deaths. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

    New data shows that Chicago Police are using their Tasers more often.

    The Independent Police Review Authority released a report that shows Chicago officers used Tasers to subdue 683 offenders this year. That's compared to 197 from 2009, and 163 in 2008, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    As a result, the agency says it's not going to investigate every time an officer uses a Taser. Instead, it will only investigate reports of misconduct, serious injury or death, and if a minor or senior citizen is a target.

    It doesn't come as a surprise to many, considering the department increased the number of available Tasers from 280 to 660. The Chicago Tribune reports that previously, only sergeants and training officers were allowed to carry the Taser guns, but now all officers have access to them in their squad cars.

    Department officials tell the Chicago Tribune that the Taser guns are used for officer safety and to prevent greater use of force.

    The report by the Independent Police Review Authority says they are investigating 2,168 cases of questionable Taser gun incidents -- that's up from 1,981 a year ago.