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Chicagoans Among the Country's Top Tippers



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    According to Square's data, merchandisers are most likely to get nickel'd and dime'd for a tip in San Francisco, New York and LA.

    Chicago can not only lay claim to being the city of broad shoulders, we're also among the most generous when it comes to big tippers.

    That's according to a study conducted by Square, the company that makes smartphone readers that many small businesses use to take payments.

    According to Square's data, Chicago topped 10 major cities when it came to the percentage of people who leave tips at businesses that use the device.

    When it comes to the most generous tippers, Denver consumers top the list with an average tip of 16.8 percent on a final bill, but Chicago is right behind, tipping at a rate of 16.7 percent.

    Atlanta and Tampa are the cheapskates, according to Square, with only 51 percent of consumers leaving a tip. The cheapest tippers can be found in San Francisco (15.5 percent), New York (15.6 percent) and LA (15.6 percent).

    Square officials say their device helps facilitate more than $700 million annual transactions in Chicago.