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Is Derrick Rose Chicago's Most Beloved Athlete?

Weekend news on Chicago's favorite basketball team, in case you missed it



    Is Derrick Rose Chicago's Most Beloved Athlete?
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    Scouring the Internet to bring you the biggest Chicago Bulls news stories from the weekend.

    Derrick Rose made headlines last week at the launch of his new adidas shoe and apparel line. The Chicago Bulls star became emotional and broke down in tears when a clip of “The Return” was shown, and he was asked what it means for him to serve as an inspiration to his fans. 

    Aside from letting everyone know he’s progressing in his rehab and has even resumed jumping, the tears that Derrick shed in that moment seemed to overshadow everything else. So how do you top that news?
    You can’t. But here are some stories about the Bulls that surfaced over the weekend, in case you missed it.
    • Collecting Michael Jordan memorabilia isn't new. But if you're one of those die-hard collectors looking to add something cool to your stash, then you'll be happy to know that you can have his expired American Express card.
    • Derrick Rose might be the most beloved athlete Chicago has seen since Michael Jordan flew out of town many years ago. Since coming into the NBA in 2008, we've watched him grow on the court. Now we're seeing him grow in the corporate world, too. 
    • With a new look "Bench Mob," Jimmy Butler will be expected to make a huge contribution on the court this season. But is that reality, or just a pipe dream?
    • Training camp is two weeks away and the Bulls roster is pretty much set. But that doesn't stop the swirl of ridiculous trade rumors that abound on the Internet. Here's another one