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Chicago Bulls Weekend News and Notes

Bulls news and notes from around the web in case you missed it



    Chicago Bulls Weekend News and Notes
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    Scouring the Internet to bring you the biggest Chicago Bulls news stories from this past weekend.

    With the first full week of Olympic competition in the books in London, and with names like Phelps, Lochte and Bolt dominating the sports news, it was pretty quiet over the weekend for hometown Bulls. But here are a couple of tidbits in case you missed them:

    • Indiana Pacers star Danny Granger feels that the Bulls loss of Derrick Rose for a majority of the 2012-2013 season makes his team the favorites to win the Central Division.
    • It’s no secret that Luol Deng wanted to compete for Great Britain badly in the Olympics this summer, but he’s likely to be done competing for his adopted country and as a result, the British may not have enough talent to compete in future games.
    •  Luol may not have been able to lead his Olympic squad to its first win ever, but he’s no doubt been one of the NBA stars that have shined in the games with his play on the court.
    • But of course, you can’t please everyone. So here’s a look at why your eyes may be fooling you if you think Deng’s play has been great given the fact that his teammates are less than stellar.
    • Taj Gibson is the Bull's future in the frontcourt, of that, there's no question. But should the future be now? Should Taj start over Carlos Boozer this season?