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Derrick Rose's "Return" Featured in New Adidas Video

The video kicks off the new Twitter campaign surrounding Roses comeback called, #TheReturn



    Derrick Rose's "Return" Featured in New Adidas Video
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    Derrick Rose and adidas have launched a new online campaign that makes sure the 2011 NBA MVP isn't forgotten as he works to make a comeback from a torn ACL.

    The Olympics are over and so is the Dwight Howard trade fiasco known as the "Dwightmare."

    These two tales had previously dominated the basketball news cycle – particularly Howard – and now that both have reached their ends, the timing couldn’t be better for Derrick Rose's return to the spotlight.
    After tearing the ACL in his left knee in late April and undergoing surgery in March, the 23-year-old has quietly undergone rehab between Chicago and Los Angeles as he works to get back on the court. Based on reports saying he could miss the entire 2012-2013 season, he’s almost become a forgotten man in the NBA.
    To make sure people don’t forget about him, Rose and adidas released a YouTube video Wednesday to let everyone know just how hard he’s been working and what he’s been going through.
    The video opens with his injury before showing Rose going through his rehab. It gives fans a brief glimpse into what his rehab regimen is actually like while simultaneously pushing adidas and Rose’s new Twitter campaign entitled, #TheReturn.