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Chicago Advertising Copywriter Behind Anti-Olympics Site

"The intention was not to cause an international incident," Lynch said.



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    It was all an elaborate hoax.

    The anti-Olympics web site that sparked a mini-outrage last week,, was made by a Chicagoan after all.

    Kevin Lynch, a 43-year-old advertising copywriter, told the Chicago Tribune today that he is the creative force behind the web site.

    "The intention was not to cause an international incident," Lynch said, whose marketing blog can be found here.

    He said he bought the web site URL last March when his attitude on the Olympics began to sour.

    "I walked from the idea where I thought this was the type of city where something like that would do really well, to questions -- it was just the process after that," Lynch told the Tribune.

    Lynch made the site live on September 20. It gained traction when he leaked a link to and, after that it just took off. 

    Many speculated as to the origin of the site. founder Robert Livingston said he thought the site was made by individuals in Rio.

    "To produce this video is quite a feat," he said referring to a video montage of Chicagoans advocating for the Olympics to go to Rio. "That makes me think there's something to this. There's money behind it becasuse they produced that video.

    Fox News Chicago was instructed not to report on the site by the Chicago 2016 bid committee because it would harm Chicago’s chances for landing the games, reports.

    Lynch said he won’t take credit for the Games’ demise if Chicago doesn’t land the bid.

    "If we don't get the bid, and you can blame it on a one-page Web site? I would suggest the bid wasn't so strong after all. In this contest, you really do have four great cities, and a lot of sentimental logic in Rio for the vote to go that way,” Lynch told the Tribune.