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Chicago Ranks as a Very Stressful City

Analysis by shows Chicago ranks at No. 8 in most stressful cities



    Chicago Ranks as a Very Stressful City
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    It should come as no surprise that Chicago ranks among the most stressful cities in which live and work, according to

    The magazine conducted an extensive analysis of the nation's 50 largest metropolitan areas. Detroit topped the list of stressful cities, while Salt Lake City proved to have the least stressful attributes.

    Creeping debt, serious congestion, and cold-ass winters landed Chicago at the No. 8 spot.

    Some factors that contribute to the magazine's analysis included factors such as unemployment, unstable personal finances, traffic, crime and pollution.

    Detroit was declared the No. 1 stressful place in America because "it's burdened with a hefty unemployment rate" and "also among the 10 places with the most murders, the most robberies, the most heart attacks, the most families in poverty and the fewest sunny days", according to

    Los Angeles, on the other hand, was listed as the runner-up due to "expensive housing and the second-worst air pollution among all metropolitan cities".

    Salt Lake City came in last because it has the lowest murder rate of all. It also has America's shortest commutes, and lowest unemployment rates.

    Among the 10 most stressful markets are Cleveland, St. Louis, New York City, New Orleans, Birmingham, and Miami-Fort Lauderdale.

    Last year, Forbes Magazine declared Chicago as the number one stressful city in the nation, so at least we're making strides.