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Charter Schools Ask CPS for Room to Grow

Supporters want to set up shop in underused CPS buildings



    Charter Schools Ask CPS for Room to Grow
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    Charter supporters wrote a clear message on the chalkboard for CPS: Charter schools need room to grow.

    The advocates appealed to the school board Wednesday asking permission for charter schools to move into one of dozens of CPS school buildings either with space or low-performing schools, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    Charters also are asking for CPS to map out new campuses. They warned that without more space they can't expand their grades starting next fall and other campuses will be postponed.

    "There's no legal obligation that (charter) schools are entitled to a building, but if they're going to approve schools and then allow them to enroll students, they need to have a facilities plan to address student needs," said Andrew Broy, the president of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools.