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Charges Filed In Berwyn Animal Hoarding Case

Two adult residents of the house were charged with two misdemeanors each



    Charges Filed In Berwyn Animal Hoarding Case
    The orange sticker on the wall marks the home as being uninhabitable.

    The two adult residents of the home in Berwyn from which dozens of cats and three dogs were removed earlier in the week were charged Tuesday with two misdemeanors each.

    Eric Jandt, 41, and Photini Rose Varkonyi, 50, face charges of obstructing justice and endangering the life of a child according to a city official, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    The city official added that a 17-year-old girl who lived at the Berwyn home was taken into custody Monday by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

    On Monday and Tuesday around 50 cats and three dogs were trapped and removed from the Berwyn home, located on South East Avenue. The animals were taken to "Waggin' Tails," in Cicero, where they were tested.

    Several of the cats were found to have microchips, and on Tuesday the shelter began reaching out to the families of the microchipped animals, according to officials.

    Neighbors of the home reported on Monday that foul odors had emanated from the home for months, and a peer of the young girl reported that she smelled strongly of the house  when she went to school.

    The home was deemed by authorities to be uninhabitable.