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Case of Taken Identity

Man accused of making and selling 1,000 fake IDs



    Case of Taken Identity
    Identity crisis? 21-y/o accused of making 1000 fake IDs.

    One young Barrington man had an identity crisis that brought several felonies.

    Sam P. Rzepnicki, 21, has been charged by police on suspicion of making and selling nearly 1,000 fake driver's licenses from his home over the past 4 years.

    During a search of Rzepnicki's apartment, Barrington and Arlington Heights police found computer hard drives, scanners, printers, a laminating machine and sheets of laminating paper marked with various state logos.

    Perhaps he should've taken up scrapbooking instead.

    Rzepnicki was charged with multiple felonies this week, including manufacturing fraudulent driver's licenses, possession of driver's license-making devices and sale of a fraudulent driver's license.

    Authorities are hoping to put together a list of customers who purchased fake IDs from Rzepnicki, most likely underage teens in the Barrington area.

    We're looking at you, McLovin.

    Matt Bartosik, a Chicago native and social media sovereign, never had a fake ID. Just puppy-dog eyes and a pout.