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Man Kills Beagle Puppy for "Going" Inside

Carol Stream man accused of kicking the family dog to death



    Man Kills Beagle Puppy for "Going" Inside
    Who would do such a thing?

    A Carol Stream family obtained a protective order against their mentally challenged son after he kicked the family puppy Lexi to death.

    Michael R. Jenkins, 27, is accused of fatally injuring his family’s beagle after throwing it down a flight of stairs and kicking it until it died.

    Lexi was just 13-weeks-old.

    Jenkins is charged with aggravated cruelty, animal torture and criminal damage to property and will be arraigned Oct. 19 in DuPage County, the Daily Herald reports.

    Jenkin's mother, Cathy, says that he suffers from mental health problems. But that didn't stop her from being appalled by what happened.

    Cathy said her son had called her last month saying he was upset and that he might harm himself. She rushed over, but instead of finding her son in trouble, she found the dog’s body laying motionless on the floor.

    Then she called the police.

    Jenkins admitted he got angry at the dog after Lexi went to the bathroom inside the house. He later confessed to police he threw the dog down a flight of stairs and then started kicking it.

    The police then took the dog to a veterinarian, who determined the pup had suffered severe brain injury and had a broken neck and jaw. 

    Jenkins is currently being held on $50,000 bail in DuPage County jail, where he has been since his Sept. 17 arrest.

    His attorney is looking to have the man’s case heard in DuPage County’s mental health court, where he would receive treatment.