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Cabbie Sued Over Deadly Streeterville Crash

The family of a man killed by a taxi in Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood files a wrongful death lawsuit



    It has been almost a month since 57-year-old Hector Placencia Sanchez was killed when a taxi driver ran him over as he walked on a Streeterville sidewalk.

    The family of Placencia Sanchez has now filed a lawsuit against the driver and the cab company, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    The cab slammed into a wall of the Embassy Suites hotel at the intersection of Illinois St. and Columbus Dr., striking Placencia Sanchez as he walked on the sidewalk on the morning of June 27th.

    Placencia Sanchez died at the scene, while the cab driver, 71-year-old Yao Ofori, and a female passenger, were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

    The lawsuit accuses Ofori, the Wolley Cab Association and Checker Taxi of being negligent, because of Ofori's previous driving record.

    Records show Ofori has been issued about 30 traffic citations in the last 22 years.