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CPS Facing Massive Cuts, Increase in Class Size

Schools may have to trim $700 million



    CPS Facing Massive Cuts, Increase in Class Size
    CPS will vote on a list of proposed school closures today.

    Much like Governor Quinn and leaders of the Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago Schools CEO Ron Huberman is talking through a doomsday budget scenario.

    If CPS is forced to cut $700 million from its upcoming budget, Huberman warns that class sizes will explode to 37-students per teacher, non-varsity sports programs will be cut and administrators will lose their jobs, according to the Sun-Times.
    That’s not all: hundreds of teachers could be laid off, gifted programs could be shut down and early childhood education would go kaput, the report states.

    Huberman briefed a group of CPS principals on the plan, and the Sun-Times collected a PowerPoint presentation from that meeting.

    The cuts would also affect the Chicago Teachers Union, which is due a 4-percent raise this year.

    Teachers' Union: We Have a Contract

    [CHI] Teachers' Union:  We Have a Contract
    As cuts loom at CPS, the teachers' union says money is being wasted and cuts shouldn't start with the teachers.
    (Published Tuesday, March 16, 2010)

    Union spokeswoman Rosemaria Genova told the paper her constituents aren’t happy about how they’re hearing about the emergency plan.

    "If this is a negotiating ploy, there will be no negotiations in the press,'' Genova said to the Sun-Times."I can't begin to speculate what Mr. Huberman's objective was in terms of briefing principals . . . For a man who is promoting a 'culture of calm,' this is not the way to do it.”