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Busted: Man Caught with $20 Million Worth of Pot

5,525 pounds of pot could mean 30 years in prison



    Busted: Man Caught with $20 Million Worth of Pot

    One of the biggest pot busts in the history of the Chicago Police Department occurred Wednesday when officers confiscated 5,525 pounds of marijuana from the home of a Lyons man.

    Police began surveillance of Frederico Moreno, 35, and witnessed several meetings indicative of drug dealings. Upon following Moreno to his home at 47th Street in Lyons, officers discovered a bale of cannabis in his car.

    An open door at the home revealed 224 more bales of marijuana stashed inside. The street value of the drugs is valued at more than $20 million.

    The drugs originated in Mexico, and were packaged for distribution once they arrived in Chicago. Moreno loaded the packages into his home through a printing company warehouse attached to the back of the house.

    He has been charged with the highest-level felony, a Class X, for manufacturing and delivery of cannabis. He could be jailed for anywhere from six to 30 years.

    Moreno will appear in court on Saturday.