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Burden of Proof

"We're going to fight this," lawyer says



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    School bus driver Betty A. Burden has been charged with Driving Under the Influence while on the job. The 54-year-old has been suspended without pay.

    The bus driver accused of drunken driving is fighting charges against her with a simple defense: she never got a ticket and always got the kids home.

    Betty Burden’s lawyer Ernest Blomquist said he and his client plan to fight the DUI charge against her, the Sun-Times reports. Burden failed a field sobriety test in March and a breathalyzer test returned an alcohol level of .226, well beyond the .08 legal limit.

    Blomquist says that’s not the whole story.

    "All the charges we received indicated there were no traffic offenses. We want to investigate that," Blomquist said. “… We’re going to fight this.”

    He points to Burden’s spotless record as evidence of her character.

    Burden, who admitted to drinking vodka and orange juice before her shift is free on bond. She could receive up to three years in prison.