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Burge Victim to Get $1.25 Million

City will pay another Burge victim for serving 12 years.



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    The City of Chicago is paying another victim who claims Jon Burge tortured him during his time at Area 2 Chicago Police Commander.

    Is $1.25 million dollars enough after wrongly serving over 12 years behind bars?

    The city will give that amount to Harold Hill, who was in prisoned as a teenager for the rape and murder of Kathy Morgan in 1990, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.

    Hill claims he was beaten, threatened, and coerced into a false confession by Belmont Area detectives, but DNA proved he was never at the crime scene.

    He said former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge was involved in the beatings and fake testimony.

    Burge is currently serving a 4.5 year sentence in federal prison for perjury and obstruction of justice involving other claims of torture under his watch.

    There are currently six civil lawsuits pending against Burge and the city. Many of the victims claim torture and threats similar to that of Hill.

    Another wrongly accused man, Dan Young Jr., was convicted of the same crime as Hill. He was released after a DNA test proved his innocence. He was killed one year later in a hit and run accident on the South Side.

    In August, Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke with the Sun-Times claiming the city is working towards settling the cases against Burge.

    The City of Chicago has paid more than $43 million in settlements and legal fees because of the Burge case.