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Bulls Winning Streak Hits 8

Chicago's playoff chances are looking bright ... cross your fingers



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    The Bulls win their eighth straight game and look sharp headed for Playoffville.

    Against the Nets, rookie center Omer Asik stepped up for a flu-ridden Joakim Noah. He finished with 11 points and 16 rebounds. That's quality output from a reserve. And that's the kind of thing that makes the Bulls a legit contender.

    The great teams don't only have star players. They have guys who can come off the bench, toss in a dozen points or dominate one game of a playoff series.

    It's not like the Bulls will need Omer Asik to carry them to a title, but it's nice to know he's not a liability. 

    If he and the other reserves can get hot even one game during the Bulls' playoff run, that could tilt the balance.

    Things are shaping up for a deep playoff run, Chicago

    Cross your fingers.