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Brookfield's Baby Giraffe Makes First Appearance

Male calf born five months ago was isolated with mother



    Brookfield's Baby Giraffe Makes First Appearance
    Chicago Zoological Society

    A sure sign of spring at Brookfield Zoo is when the newborn animals appear for the first time. 

    Dave, a 5-month-old giraffe calf, got his first glance at his outdoor habitat Monday under the watchful eyes of the Chicago Zoological Society’s Animal Programs staff.

    Dave was conceived by his mother, Arnieta. The two have been excluded from the rest of the animals since birth in order to ensure maternal bonding.

    He's the 58th calf to be born at Brookfield Zoo.

    The new family are reticulated giraffes, which are native to northeast Kenya in Africa.

    Dave was introduced to the rest of the herd Monday, which is female, and another male calf, Hasani.  Dave’s dad will be brought into the picture as soon as the calf is comfortable with his surroundings.

    This new addition to Brookfield Zoo can be seen at "Habitat Africa! The Savannah" exhibit at the zoo.