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Brookfield Baby Gorilla Related To Zoo Heroine

Infant's grandmother is the famous gorilla that saved a child years ago



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    It's safe to say Brookfield Zoo's new baby gorilla has the best grandma ever.

    The newborn is the grandbaby of Binti, the gorilla famous for saving a child at Brookfield Zoo back in 1996. The drama unfolded when a 3-year-old fell 18 feet into the gorilla den. Many zoogoers thought Binti would eat the young boy, but instead she picked him up and guarded him from the other primates.

    The kind-hearted heroine was eventually named Newsweek's Hero of the Year and one of People's most intriguing people.

    Binti is 25 years old but was only 8 when she saved the little boy. She is mom to the baby's mother, Koola.

    If this newborn's gene pool wasn't already amazing enough, there's more. The baby's father, JoJo, is reportedly one of the most genetically valuable males in the zoo population.