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A Rush to Judgment



    Brian Dorian walks free after being cleared of charges in the honeybee slaying. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010)

    Brian Dorian walked out of a Will County courthouse Wednesday with a new lease on life.

    The 37-year-old Lynwood police officer had been charged with killing one man and shooting at three others in a bi-state crime spree that left residents on both sides of the Indiana-Illinois border frightened and feeling vulnerable.Dorian, however, had a solid alibi during the time those killings took place.

    "What was done here was outrageous," Dorian's lawyer Bob Odekirk said after a hearing to dismiss the charges. "This was a rush to judgment."

    At the time of the murder and subsequent shootings, Dorian was either shopping at local businesses -- he had time stamped receipts from his trip -- or using a computer, which investigators were able to verify.

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    "The computer was the last straw," Dorian's lawyer Bob Odekirk said after the hearing Wednesday morning.

    State's attorney James Glasgow admitted as much.

    "Based on the evidence we have... it would have been physically impossible for Brian Dorian to commit these crimes,"  Glasgow said Tuesday evening in dropping the charges.
    Dorian declined to talk about the specifics of the case, but told his lawyer tom make clear his concern for the victims of the still-at-large Honey Bee Killer.
    "It's an emotional situation," Odekirk said. "He needs time to digest everything."