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Boy Meets Caretakers Who Saved His Life

Carter Maclin asked for special gift for his 10th birthday



    Boy Meets Caretakers Who Saved His Life

    Ten years after doctors and caretakers nursed him back to life, a boy goes back to meet them. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013)

    Ten years ago, Carter Maclin was born three months premature. He barely weighed 3 pounds and all of his organs were failing.

    "He barely had a heart rate. And that was his only sign of life," said Dr. Michael Schreiber.

    His doctors worried that he would not live, but after intense resuscitation, Carter survived.

    He spent 74 days in the neo-natal intensive care unit at the University of Chicago.

    But now as he approaches his 10th birthday, Carter asked his parents to take him back to meet the people who saved his life.

    It was a happy reunion, and a rarity for the caretakers who saved his life.

    "I can't put it in to words, I just feel so happy right now," Carter said.

    The doctors showed Carter a baby who was around the same size that he was when he underwent his stint at the hospital.

    "Whether you believe in luck, you believe in fate or you believe in a higher presence, somebody was looking out for Carter," Dr. Schreiber said.

    But Carter's day wasn't complete until an impromptu encounter with Claudia Cattouse -- a mother with a premature baby just like Carter was.

    It gave her hope that her daughter would one day grow to be big and healthy, just like Carter did.

    Click here for information on the Little Bear Foundation, which supports families while their preemie babies fight to survive in the hospital.