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Olympic Diver Boudia Trades Cereal for Hummus ... and Coca-Cola

Indiana diver David Boudia was named to Coca-Cola’s “8-pack of Athletes"



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    To maintain his fit physique, Olympic diver David Boudia is trading his cereal binges for vegetables and hummus.

    The noted Indiana diver admitted during a quiz for Coca-Cola’s “8-pack of Athletes” contest, featuring eight Olympic athletes including Shawn Johnson and John Isner, that his favorite treat when he's not training is the sugary breakfast meal.

    “My favorite food in the entire world is cereal. I’ll get five or six boxes at a time when I’m not training,” Boudia said in the quiz.

    But the diver said diet is essential to preparing for the Olympic Games. That means doing away with his coveted sweet munchies and replacing them with the veggie delight.

    Boudia was recently named to the Coca-Cola Olympic athlete contest series as a representative of the diving sport in the Olympic Games. 

    But Boudia wasn't always a diver, he reveals. In fact, his Olympic dream was sparked by a different sport: gymnastics. 

    After watching the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Boudia's dream was inspired by seeing Kerri Strug compete in women's gymnastics.

    Many other divers, including Chicago Olympian Christina Loukas, started their diving careers as gymnasts.

    Like Loukas, Boudia's love for the adrenaline rush of diving is what hooked him on the sport.

    "I’m 33 feet up in the air, three stories high, and I’m going down at 30 mph so, you know, hitting that water as hard as you can with a splash-less entry is what I love," he said in the quiz.

    Boudia is set to compete in the Olympic Game’s 10-meter springboard synchronized event on July 30 and again in the individual springboard on August 10.