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Body Scanners Arrive at Midway

Midway Airport now has its own full-body scanner.



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    The Transportation Safety Administration Tuesday unveils the first full-body scanner to hit Midway airport.

    The controversial scanners use electromagnetic waves to screen passengers for non-metallic weapons and explosives. 

    It uses less energy than a cell phone call, but some travelers complain the scanners are unnecessarily intrusive, embarrassing and potentially dangerous because of exposure to radiation.

    Other critics say the x-ray type pictures they take amount to ``virtual strip searches.''

    Most passengers only have to walk through a standard metal-detector at airport security, but some are selected for the scan.  Even if you are selected, you don’t have to submit to being scanned.  Uneasy passengers can choose instead to submit to an enhanced pat down by a TSA agent.

    About 75 U.S. airports now have the scanners. 

    TSA officials say it was purchased with federal stimulus funds