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Trial for Attempted Doughnut Murderer Begins

Man opened fire after a doughnut was thrown at him



    Trial for Attempted Doughnut Murderer Begins
    Getty Images/MedioImages
    Do flies dress in colored costumes?

    Time to blame the doughnuts.

    Opening statements have started in the trial of a Chicago man charged with attempted murder in Iowa -- an act of violence spurred on by a powdered doughnut. D'oh! 

    23-year old Derrick Roberts of Chicago is charged with shooting 50-year old Delores Smith of Cedar Rapids, Iowa about a year ago.

    Roberts shot at Smith who was sitting in a van after one of her relatives hit him in the leg with a powdered sugar doughnut.

    In a fit of rage Roberts apparently riddled the van with gun fire, and one of the bullets struck Smith.

    Roberts' attorney, Mike Lahammer, said in Monday's opening statements that his client didn't intentionally shoot at Smith and a
    doughnut wasn't the reason he fired at the family's van.

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