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Blago Does the Funny

Former Illinois governor wondered if he should've brought his attorney



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    Blago delivered a "Top Ten" for the ages.

    Rod Blagojevich proved once again that he can suffer just about any comedic abuse that comes his way. 

    Case in point:The fired Illinois governor appeared on the "Late Show with David Letterman" Wednesday promoting Sunday's season debut of "Celebrity Apprentice" and absorbed a cheap shot from the host, before poking fun at himself.

    "Take off your hat and make yourself at home," Letterman cracked, referring to Blago's luxurious locks. Letterman's audience laughed and clapped at the hair mockery, before Blago joined them in the ridicule.

    The deposed governor rattled off the "Top Ten Questions Rod Blagojevich Asked Himself Before Appearing On 'Celebrity Apprentice,'" with the kind of charm only an indicted polititcian can exude.

    Blagojevich calmly explained what went through his head when deciding to go on reality show where he can be fired in an instant.

    10. "Can I get paid in Shampoo?"

    9. "Would I rather stay unemployed than work for Trump?"

    8. "Should I bring my attorney?"

    7. "Do I have anything better to do?"

    6. "Is there any chance NBC will replace me with Leno?"

    5. "Can I get paid in conditioner?"

    4. "Haven't I been through enough?"

    3. "How about my own show, 'The Haircut Ref'?''

    2. "How come I'm not a governor and Paterson is?"

    1. "Will my hair get along with Trump's hair?

    Blagojevich will compete against 13 other contestants not facing corruption charges.  Illinois residents will wait for the moment when "The Donald" will glare at Blago and utter those two little words, "you're fired."

    It will be deja vu all over again.