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Biting the Silver Bullet: Coors Faces Class Action Suit

Beer company accused of counterfeit sweepstakes entries



    Biting the Silver Bullet: Coors Faces Class Action Suit
    One NFL fan is arguing that he had literally no chance at winning a beer company's sweepstakes.

    Some promotional contests only offer the participants a slim chance at winning. But Mario Aliano of Illinois argues that Coors gave him absolutely no possibility to take the prize in its current sweepstakes.

    In a class-action federal lawsuit filed Wednesday, Aliano accuses Coors and Miller beers of issuing millions of invalid codes for an ongoing contest.

    According to the complaint, Aliano purchased a case of Coors Light after seeing an ad for the "Coors Light Silver Ticket Sweepstakes," which offers a grand prize of two tickets to a 2009 regular-season NFL game. The contest runs from August 1 until October 31.

    As part of the sweepstakes, a unique code is printed inside each Coors Light carton. Aliano says that when he attempted to enter his code at the contest's website, an error message labeled his code "invalid." He received the same message when he tried to enter the code via text message.

    Aliano filed the suit on behalf of all the (supposed) customers who received invalid codes. The lawsuit argues that Coors issued five million tickets with invalid codes and more than 700 people nationwide have complained.

    Aliano is also claiming that, had Coors customers known about the invalid codes, they wouldn't have bought the product in the first place.

    Good luck proving that. Most beer drinkers who are loyal to a particular brand probably buy their preferred draft regularly and don't even pay attention to the promo ads.

    What's worse for his case is that Aliano provides no source for his statistics in his complaint, a severe oversight that could prove problematic for his case.

    If he does manage to win anything from this suit, we'll be sure to congratulate him with a beer.

    Matt Bartosik, a "between blogs" blogger, will drink any beer you buy for him.