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Biden Delivers

Veep penned the 1994's Violence Against Women Act



    Biden Delivers
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    Oh Joe.

    The vice president came to Peoria Wednesday to deliver the keynote address to an anti-domestic violence event called “Partners in Peace” at the Peoria County Family Justice Center  

    Biden wrote 1994's Violence Against Women Act which led to creation of the Peoria facility. 

    But people don’t come to see Joe “Freakin’” Biden for his eloquent delivery.

    The people want gaffes. And while he didn't slip along the lines of "This is a big F***ing deal" he did deliver at least one tasteless quip.

    Veep tried to describe how a woman feels after being raped by referencing the movie “Deliverance”:

    “There’s one scene where a tough guy is dragged through the woods and two self-proclaimed hillbillies tie him to a tree and rape him. How many of you guys come out of those woods and report what just happened to you? Why don’t you report it? Because you’re ashamed, embarrassed. You don’t want your friends to know a man raped you,” Biden said according to the Peoria Journal Star.

    “How about women in our society? How easy do you think it is for a woman to go home and say ‘I’ve been raped,’ knowing in a rape case it’s almost always he said, she said. We’ve got to change our attitudes.”

    Somewhere, someone is squealing.  More "Bidenisms"