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Beyonce Stops at Vegan Eatery During Chicago Visit



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    Beyonce had a lot on her plate Friday, including some vegan cuisine from a Chicago area restaurant.

    The celeb singer secretly released a new album just as she geared up to perform in Chicago Friday night, but Bey didn’t let that get in the way of her 22-day vegan cleanse.

    While making her Chicago appearance, the singer stopped at raw vegan restaurant Karyn’s Cooked on North Wells Street.

    Beyonce met with raw vegan expert Karyn Calabrese during her visit to talk about the lifestyle.

    Bey and her hubby of five years embarked on the 22-day vegan diet challenge Dec. 3, eliminating meat and animal products from their diets until Christmas.

    Jay-Z said the decision marked the start of a “spiritual and physical cleanse” of sorts and have clearly been sticking to the decision, so far.

    The stars join a long list of famous vegans including Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt and Olivia Wilde.