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Bear-Napping Suspect on the Loose

Captor demands 1,700 pounds in chocolate in exchange for bear



    Bear-Napping Suspect on the Loose

    Be on the lookout in suburban Park Ridge, there's a bear-napper on the loose.

    Someone apparently took the oversized, stuffed bear named Truffles from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's front display window. But before you send out a posse to look for it, we should warn you this is only a joke.

    The candy store's owner, Linda Hills, describes the "crime" as a prank and thinks she knows who took the mascot, according to the Sun-Times.

    On the store's Facebook page, workers write, "We are working on determining his exact whereabouts, but understand he is not harmed and will return soon!"

    Hills says Truffles went missing around 6 p.m. Feb. 15. A customer alerted an employee he saw someone putting the 4-foot bear into a car and driving away.

    The "captor" left a two-page handwritten ransom note demanding nearly 2,000 pounds of chocolate in exchange for the bear's safe return.

    The note also gave a website as a clue to Truffle's whereabouts, but when you go to the website it shows a blank white screen with the word "Muahahaha" written at the top.

    This isn't the first time a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has been the target of a bear-napping. The bear at the Naperville store has been taken numerous times.