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Beanie Baby Brouhaha

Ty Inc. is suing Target for using its Beanie trademark



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    Ty Inc. is suing Target for using its Beanie trademark.

    Beanie Babies are usually soft and cuddly. But these stuffed animals can fight when they need to.

    Toymaker Ty Inc. recently sued Target Corp. for allegedly selling products that are branded with the registered “Beanie” trademark.

    The lawsuit was filed last Friday in U.S. District Court for Northern Illinois, accusing Target of trademark infringement, unfair competition and deceptive trade, Crain’s reported.

    The suit came after someone discovered a “Hello Kitty Plush Beanie” doll being sold for $6.99 at a Target store in Chicago’s northwest Wood Dale suburb.

    “Target’s use of Ty’s trademark or marks confusingly similar thereto in connection with plush toys not manufactured or sold by Ty and in the advertising and marketing thereof has caused and will continue to cause dilution of the distinctive quality of Ty’s famous trademarks,” the suit said.

    Target was already told about the problem on Sept. 22, but Ty said it never received a response from the Minneapolis-based company.