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Batman Director's Brother Sentenced

Punished for elaborate escape plan



    Batman Director's Brother Sentenced

    Matthew Nolan—brother of The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan—was sentenced Wednesday to 14 months in jail for his planned Batman-like escape from a federal prison.

    Matthew Nolan was arrested by FBI agents in February 2009 on Costa Rican murder charges. But a few weeks later, authorities found a razor, a harness, a metal clip, and 31 feet of rope made from bedsheets all in Matthew Nolan's cell at the downtown Metropolitan Correction Center.

    Considering his cell was on the 11th floor of the high-rise prison, Nolan's 31-foot rope doesn't seem like a well thought out Bat-plan.

    Nolan, 41, pleaded guilty earlier this year to possessing contraband in jail and obstruction of justice, according to the AP.

    The wannabe-escape artist was sentenced to 14 months in jail, but he has already served 16 months in custody, so he will be extradited to Costa Rica.

    A Chicago court has already found that there is insufficient evidence to extradite Nolan to Costa Rica on the kidnapping and murder charges brought against him. However, he will face allegations of using fake documents.

    They'd better keep those Bat-cuffs tight.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.